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Sunday, December 21, 2008


You feel?

So on this past weekend's Saturday, I finished my last day of work for this year. So IT'S VACATION TIME BABY! Two weeks of unadulterated vacationess, hopefully I use this time wisely and have good times, experience new things, and somehow also be productive.

Went drinking and karaokeing on Saturday to celebrate the up coming vacation. Now I totally understand why karaoke is fun, but it's something I just can't do myself. It has nothing to do with not being able to be goofy or let loose, cause yeah you guys already know it's not really a problem for me. But singing like an idiot, is something I can't bring myself to do. So basically I think it's been 5 years since I sang like an idiot at the last karaoke party, well that streak ended on Saturday. I think after 10 delicious beers, I sang the Beastie Boys "Check it out". Human ears should not be subjected to the off beat ramblings of an extremely tipsy Kim. Afterwards, we did even more drinking at some baller ass bar in Mizonokuchi.

I haven't been practicing much スト4 since I qualified last weekend. I've just been way too busy at work and since I'm still getting over a cold, it's hard to drag myself to a good game center and practice. I began taking スト4 notes again though on my dope Softbank x02HT windows based phone. That's right suckas, hate on it. Hate on it REAL GOOD. Sometime soon, I need to sit down with someone who's willing to help me pick apart certain situations.

Well, as dumb as it is, I really haven't had time to realize how quickly the holiday seasons were approaching. On some days, I have some things planned, but especially on Christmas and New Years, well.... I haven't planned anything. And as much as I can help it, I wouldn't want to spend those days alone. The different thing about Japan, since it's not a Christian based country, there's many people that have school and work on Christmas. People celebrate Christmas on the weekend closest to Christmas(or so that's what I've been told). So I refuse to stay idle, I want to make use of this free time I have. Even if I have to travel alone, I want to experience things outside of Tokyo, because well, to me Japan is only Tokyo, there's a whole other world out there and Kim's gonna experience it.

So case in point, Osaka or Kyoto? Where should I go?

Actually, I have several obligations I have to fullfil now that I think of it, the vacation might pass by very quickly. Job searching, meeting people, exercising CORRECTLY, etc.

Today I went to Yokohama for the 2nd time in my life. Yokohama is literally 25 minutes away from my new house. IIIIIIIIIIII NE. Yokohama kind of ressembles Tokyo to me actually, but I do recognize that it's definitely less crowded. And definitely not as dirty. I got some food with Maiko at "A and P WITH TERRACE". It was a really nice um Asian restaurant in a really impressive looking shopping mall. One thing I really love about Japan, is the abundant amount of extremely good restaurants. For food lovers, it's like food tasting paradise.

There's a billion things I need to do in Japan that I always forget to do.
1.) Onsen
2.) _________

Help me fill in the blanks.

Time to pass out, おやすみなさい



Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is discrimination in Japan a big deal?



Is labeling and categorizing types of people even a big issue in Japan? I have this rising suspicion that it's just how things are here in Japan. Maybe it's cause I was taught when I was young the very politically correct idea that everyone is the same, maybe that's why I think like this.

You know that whole "it's rude to stare" thing that you were taught when you were young eating your Cocoa Puffs cereal in your alligator polo shirt? Well, based on the many people that stare at me when I speak English, I kind of have a notion that some people aren't taught that over here in Japan. Fools are HELLA staring at me when I speak English. It's those little things that sort of get to me, when people stare and search for who the english speaker is and when they see it's not what their image is of an English speaker, they roll their eyes. What kind of shit is that? I mean same shit happens in the states right? If you hear someone speak Japanese, you're like I wonder who the Japanese speaker is. I'm don't want to complain this entire time, but I do have to admit a part of myself is becoming more bitter. Living in a foreign country is pretty damn challenging.

In an ideal world, everyone would realize image is all B.S. It's all you see on the surface. But I've never felt so much pressure ever in my life then right now, to improve how I look on the outside. In a way, of course that's not a bad thing, but I think it's one of those things that consume people. And I feel I'm starting to become like that. Hopefully soon I meet some good people who remind me that it's good to just be who I am. Sorry for the rant.

To end this, I wanna include a touching excerpt from the Bret Hart book that I just finished reading. This is a letter that a fan wrote to Bret Hart after hearing of his forced retirement. There's not really a underlying reason for me posting this excerpt, but I thought it was real and it was touching. And like me on certain days, Bret Hart rocks.

"It's unbelievable how much of the Hitman character helped shape the person I am today.... I saw how you never, ever gave up.... What I learned from the Hitman was to work hard, to never give up and most importantly to have confidence in yourself. Those beliefs may sound corny but when you are a ten-year old kid growing up in a broken home where you are constantly being told how worthless you are those beliefs can be a positive thing."

"... I heard somewhere that celebrities shouldn't be a child's hero, that heroes should be people who are real. Well, sometimes the people in a child's life can't be heroes. The child may have to look elsewhere."



Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hella books, birthday party, and daylight savings ROCK

Hella books, birthday party, and daylight savings ROCK

Last week I did the most technologically savvy and nerdiest thing ever recorded. I purchased an E-book(Electronic book) and I read it on my palm pilot everyday while on the train. Ever since the sexy ripe age of 3, I’ve been intrigued by wrestling. One of the wrestlers I really admired back in the day was BretThe HitmanHart. His autobiography has been released in Canada for over a year now, but it just recently got released in America.

Problem people. Kim lives in Japan. Whenever I pass a bookstore, I check and see if they got the book. After multiple attempts, I gave up and purchased the E-book.

But that shit is tight. I don’t have to flip through pages anymore. I can just use my abnormally big thumb to flip through the E-PAGES. So that means, I can read while eating, I can read while on the train, and that also means hella Japanese people can look at my phone then look at me and realize my bilingual sexyness.(even though I’m not really bilingual)

I noticed recently by reading so much, my writing skills become slightly better or at least easier to read. Which is cool. A friend told me the other day that my writing is kinda Mick Foley ish. Which I consider a huge compliment.

Do people even blog on facebook? I haven’t used this thing in days.

Last uh Saturday was my birthday and I had a small party at OUTBACK in Shibuya. I’ve been to too many izakayas, I needed a change in restaurant environment. Gunter told the receptionist at my work that I’m a “STREET FIGHTER CHAMPION”. And they keep giving me shit about that now. Anyway the party consisted of co-workers, a few real niggas, Kimura Kaela, and random guests of friends. Afterwards, everyone did some typical fob karaoke. Which is one of the two things I refuse to do in public. Overall, it was a good time of course. Considering I had to work on Saturday, I didn’t really consider Saturday my real birthday. Since I’m the shining example of America, I decided to celebrate it on American time, which was Sunday in Japan.

Daylights savings rocks btw.

Oh, I’m thinking of moving to Kawasaki in about 10 days. The commute is too much for me now, considering my work just increased by 30%.

Lastly, peep this song. I’m really digging it.

P.S. The song title has nothing to do with my liking towards the song..




Sunday, September 7, 2008

Acne, what I've been up to, and dumb ass Street Fighter 4

Read the title man!

What have I been doing lately? Shit, not much.

I've been a little secluded lately. For the last 2 months, a combination of stress, weather change, and good old family genetics has made my Acne increase 200%.. I'm not happy about it. It made me realize a part of myself that I didn't have to remember until now. I don't care or it doesn't matter to me if someone has acne or whatever embarrasing appearance. I just think, "Oh this person has acne."

But I care about how I look. I've struggled with acne ever since I was 14 years old. Every time it takes a lot of work on my part to get rid of the acne and this also means it takes a lot of money for acne treatment. I've tried everything. People that don't have a serious acne problem should thank god. There is no way, a person who doesn't have seriously acne will ever truly understand what having acne can do to you. You lose your confidence, you don't want to look in the mirror, you talk to people differently, less eye contact, etc. But looks aren't everything right? Thats what any completely misunderstood person would say.

WRONG. Looking good isn't about being superficial and putting all the emphasis on appearance. It's about the balance in life. You want to be happy with where your career is going, you want to be happy in your relationships, and you want to be happy with your appearance. You look good, you feel good. Looks are important.

Ever heard of Proactiv? Theres a lot of criticism about this product. Until a year ago, I had no problem with it. I have tried minocycline, doxycycline, accutane, and 800 over the counter acne products and nothing was as consistent as Proactiv. I was skeptical about if Proactiv was for real, but after two weeks of using it, it worked amazingly quick. I started Proactiv 2 years ago. So for about one year, I had acne under control. Starting maybe 4 months ago, the positive effects of Proactiv started wearing off. And little by little acne started coming back. After doing some research, I found out that many people have similar reports. Proactiv controls acne for a while, but it loses it's effect. Now it seems Proactiv is making my face WORSE.

So what will you do Kim?

Well first, I'm going to write a letter to Acne.

Dear Acne,

Thanks for coming back into my life and screwing up my confidence. Your uncontrollable rage is not welcomed here. But, my friend don't worry. You have forgotten one thing.


I'm going to destroy you eventually, and it doesn't matter how much money I spend on acne treatments. I'm going to get my confidence back and I'm gonna return back to my super sexy kim ways. Fuck you acne. I hope your wife cheats on you and you get ran over by a car.



Second, I'm going to continue to try and live my life despite this temporary setback. I don't really feel like making appointments or meeting friends at the moment. It's a Kim thing. I just rather spend some time alone while I recover. But it's important that I don't stay in my house all the time. Of course, I have to get out to go to work and to eat. But maybe I will explore Tokyo some more on my own. The other day I went to harajuku. I think I'll visit that place several more times. I enjoy new environments.


I hate this game more and more everytime I play it. I'm kind of excited about the national tournament announcement. But I kind of have to get GOOD first before anything else.

One thing is for sure. Vega is not good enough. I always lose to any Sagat or Zangief. He doesn't do enough damage and his anti airs are inconsistent. I'm switching characters. MACHIGAINAI.

I saw an interesting Viper today in Ikebukuro. I hate learning new characters, because I have no training mode and because I don't have too much money to waste on losing while getting better. Shiro's Abel is cool, but even he is struggling sometimes to beat random Sagats or Zangiefs. Whichever new character I choose to use, one thing is for sure. They have to be able to beat Sagat and Zangief. Next time I go to the arcade, I will try Viper.

Long post huh?


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The little things


It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of life. Perhaps one is occupied with a relationship, school, or engulfed with responsibilities at work. I know it exists, but at this moment, I can't really think of the little things in life that I enjoy. No matter how insignificant the matter is, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment/satisfaction with everyday that passes by.

It's easy for me to get derailed from what I want to focus on. Focus Kim! I really dislike rushing myself. I don't mind working hard at whatever I'm doing, but I don't like when I'm put in situations where I must act quick or make brash quick decisions. On the flipside, when I rush myself and I accomplish all the duties on my list and MORE, I feel like I won the tournament of life. It's as if I somehow cheated the system.

It's ironic cause when I go at my comfortable pace, I'm usually unable to finish my very last task on my list. Or like if I accomplish many things in my day, a part of my day has to suffer. If I exercise like crazy, write a book, and prepare for my classes all before 2pm, I will somehow lose my wallet, accidentally elbow a midget, and play 3rd strike. There's probably a phrase for my situation, but it escapes me. Huh? Oh right, list of little things I enjoy..

-Waking up in the morning and immediatly being productive.
-Finishing my errands and finding out I have more leisure time then I originally thought.
-Saying something in Japanese naturally without having to spend a minute figuring out the sentence structure and correct grammar usage.
-Watching movies

Suggest something please



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Give me DA MONEYS!

Terrible clothing and $_$

Alright fools. In just under 6 days, I will get that paycheck I've been yearning to see. How do people survive seriously without having a stable job in this country? The other day one of my students told me Japanese people pay for their public education. Japan is just too expensive...

Even though Japan is a highly fashionable place, Japanese kids on the other hand... ARE NOT. Jesus christ... Japanese kids are dressed up as the biggest nerds ever.

StarflowerThe little boys are dressed like they are permanently living on a boat. Terribly short shorts and a sailor cap with chin strap included.

StarflowerThe girls are actually dressed much better, but of course since their girls, for some reason they have to wear skirts(Even on rainy days). Rock on Gender stereotyped clothing!

StarflowerAll school aged children also wear a huge rectangular backpack that is almost as big as the child themselves. If I was dressed up like this, I'd beat myself up.


Just to prove that I'm definitely no pedophile, here are some hot images.

On to the sweet stuff, AKA, what I will buy with the money from my paycheck.
I wish my place was bigger so I could furniturize it up. There's this place I discovered with a friend a couple weeks back called "Franc Franc" in Shinjuku. Think of IKEA. Ok, then take out the cheap quality of IKEA. Now throw in a modern look, some elegance
, and affordability and you got Franc Franc. Moving along.

I've been confronted with a problem in which I have only two options.

Option #1:
Save money and eventually be baller.
Option #2: Spend money and look baller.

Ideally I should compromise
and meet in between, but I feel after 7 years of college and some hard times, I should reward myself with some irresponsible spending. Don't ya think?

But actually, I shouldn't really buy much clothes just because of the fact that I work 6 days a week. Usually I'll be in my work clothes anyway. BAH!



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Odaiba ODAIBA baby


Note to Kim:


So on Saturday, I went to this place called "Odaiba". Odaiba is this like super wealthy and artificially made area in Tokyo. From what I hear, not many people in Tokyo really go to Odaiba. It was hard to tell since it was raining like crazy, but even so there was still a fair share of people there. I would post hella pictures of Odaiba, but yeah left the cell phone at home. It's very rare for me to leave my cellphone behind, but somehow this week I've done it four times. When I leave my phone behind, I'm always paranoid I could be getting some super important messages.

Damn, now I actually am a little annoyed that I left my phone behind. Odaiba is a really pretty place. There's this huge ferris wheel that changes colors during the night time. It looks like this huge beautiful creature when the color changes. There's also this fake Golden Gate looking bridge called "Rainbow Bridge" and a mini Statue of Liberty. When I saw the mini Statue of Liberty, I told a friend about a story I heard from another friend. I have no idea if it's true, but according to my friend, in New York the residents who are facing the backside of the Statue of Liberty call her "the bitch" cause ... I guess she's turning her back on them. Doesn't even matter if it's true, it's still hella funny to me.

I also saw "The Bucketlist" with Morgan "freckles" Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Movie is really good. I'm glad I paid the 1800 yen to watch it. As an icebreaker or maybe just randomly, I sometimes ask people "what are the things you want to do before you die?". The Bucketlist speaks of this exact topic. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson's characters are going to die from cancer so they set out to do all the things they want to do before they pass away. Movie starts off slow, but it later on becomes very good. I highly recommend it. Anyway..

Maybe it's cause it's going to be a while before I'm financially set, but in obviously super rich areas I feel a little uneasy. As if I don't belong there. I was talking to Campbell about this, and I guess I'm going to steal his train of thought. I don't like the vibe I feel. But, I love the look. The rich modern look really appeals to me. Oh yeah, so in Odaiba, there's the Fuji Television headquarters building. That building is CRAZY. I don't know to describe it, but just imagine you're standing on the ground and you're looking at this Robot like building. And for some reason in the center of the building, there's a huge sphere that seemed like it crashed there. And the sphere changes colors. CHANGES COLORS. I have this thing for futuristic looking things. If it looks like it's from the future, I want it. Give it now.

Work is the same old stuff, it's becoming a little easier to handle so that's good. Couple more days till that paycheck comes!

Shut up and watch this.